MAY 17, 2019


We provided you with advance notice about the Trails for Illinois (TFI) Board reevaluating its purpose, mission, goals and objectives over the past several years with the outcome of that process being on April 14, 2019 Board Members of Trails for Illinois officially voted to end the organization’s operations per our Bylaws.

During the meeting to dissolve the organization some final action was taken by the Board. The work trailer with all its tools that was used by several groups and used to renovate various trails throughout Illinois was donated to the General Darcy Trail Organization. A very kind donation of $1000 by John Sterling & Karen Jeffrey was passed through to the Friends of the Cal Sag Trail. Unused funds, $414 raised for trail work at Weldon Springs was issued to the Friends of Weldon Springs. Remaining funds in our treasury will be used for legal services to properly and officially close Trails for Illinois as we know it today.

With the bad news comes a small ray sunshine, good news. It was determined by the Board Members that even though Trails for Illinois is dissolved, the Board elected to wait at least 12 months prior to divesting all the organization’s cash asset. During this time, we will evaluate voids in the trail planning & development arena throughout Illinois. If it is determined that a different perspective could be established to assist with the statewide planning & development of trails – we left the door open to re-organize.

We will safeguard our membership listing and when a final decision is made in regards of re-organizing…. we will announce that news to you.

THANK YOU to all of you who have supported our mission throughout the years. Sometimes the gift of goodbye opens another door; move on and create the next chapter…stay tune and until then…HAPPY TRAILS!

The Trails for Illinois Board