GITy Up Extra Fun Things #2 & #1...

#2: It's a Big Tent Trail Experience

There are more riding, running and hiking experiences available in the Palos forest preserve system than any place else in Illinois. Maybe the Midwest.

On Saturday, campers can head east and north on gravel multi-track or twisty single track (campers' choice!) from Camp Bullfrog Lake past Little Red School House and the gorgeous glacial sloughs that pepper Pulaski Woods, Pioneer Woods, Country Lane and Spears Woods towards Willow Springs. In Willow Springs, they can get their bike looked at, catch lunch at a variety of delightful places and maybe a pint before crossing over to the paved I&M Canal Trail, or go up and over Willow Springs Road bridge to the paved Centennial Trail.

On Sunday, campers have the opportunity to head south across the Cal-Sag Channel to the gravel multi-use Cal-Sag Valley Trail System and primitive hiking & running trails around Swallow Cliff and the 12 miles of the paved Cal-Sag Trail.

Some of our campers plan to drive up to the paved trails from camp because dirt & gravel aren't their thing. To that we say: Do it! GITy Up is about keeping things easy and laid back for you.

Trails for Illinois is a big tent: the trail we care about is the trail that helps people get outdoors, traveling under their own power. Hiking, mountain biking, running, bike path—the Palos system helps us welcome everyone to GITy Up!

And the #1 Extra Fun Thing about GITy Up...

Getting together with runners, hikers, bikers, their families and friends from all over the place geographically, socially, politically, just to enjoy and talk about and share in some awesome trails. By exercising our bodies we'll unwind our minds and let the Palos trail experience sink in. I need that, and so do you.

Bonus Extra Fun Thing

This house. It's in Willow Springs for reasons I can't help but imagine and ALL of them are weird/scary. Find it during GITy Up, post it with hashtag #hauntedgityup and I'll award you a prize.