GITy Up Extra Fun Thing #3: CAMBr Brewery Tour

The Chicago Area Mountain Bikers (CAMBr) built most of and maintain all of the natural surface, single track trails where cycling is allowed in Palos, nearly 30 miles of it. On GITy Up Columbus Day weekend, you'll have ample opportunity to explore all of it.

For more than 20 years, CAMBr has been the only trail stewards actively shaping and repairing tread in the Palos system. You can mountain bike in Palos only because CAMBr fought for that privilege and took on as volunteers the responsibility to build and maintain the trails they ride. And since CAMBr trails are multi-use trails, their system is also the heart of what Runner's World magazine calls one of the Top 25 Trail Runs in America.

For GITy Up, CAMBr is a huge help planning our routes from Camp Bullfrog Lake. And we're delighted to have a couple of their instructors, Kati and Michael Pritchett, leading mini-mountain bike clinics for families and first timers on Saturday, October 8.

That's Extra Fun all by itself! But since we only have three Extra Fun Thing slots remaining, our selection for Extra Fun Thing about CAMBr's involvement...

...they know where all the beer is.

On Saturday, October 8, CAMBr South president Baruk Balkuv has volunteered to lead an optional brewery bike tour LEAVING PROMPTLY AT HIGH NOON from Camp Bullfrog Lake of five area breweries within a 45 minute bike ride, each within five minutes of the trails that will take you there. They are:

  • Imperial Oak Brewery, Willow Springs
  • Pollyanna Brewing Co., Lemont
  • Winchester Brewing Co., Willow Springs
  • Metal Monkey Brewing, Romeoville
  • Miskatonic Brewing Co., Darien

Okay, so why does Imperial Oak Brewery get a link to their page? Because they are donating a cooler full of growlers to GITy Up! for adults to wash down s'mores Saturday night. All are amazing breweries, but sponsorship has its privileges!

We're grateful for the years of advocacy and stewardship CAMBr has provided for trails and trail use in Illinois, and we'll be kicking back some GITy Up proceeds to help their efforts.

And I can't believe you're still reading. Go register for GITy Up already!