Trail work at Weldon Springs moves to fall

Americorps NCCC can't send us a team this summer to repair trails at Weldon Springs State Park.

The program's admin says that applications for teams this hitch outnumbered available teams 2-1, and has asked us to consider applying for a fall team instead, serving mid-September to November 1.

After talking to Charlie Montgomery, the IDNR superintendent at Weldon Springs, the Weldon Springs Foundation, and the Friends of Grand Prairie (who was to be our partner for work in Charleston this fall ), we'll prepare for working this fall at Weldon Springs, and plan for Charleston in the spring.

A few folks have signed up for volunteering August 4-6; we have to reschedule that for September or October. We'll have more info soon. I hope you can still make it!

We've not been denied a team before, though we knew it could happen; major disasters can also pull a team from your worksite since NCCC serve as important response crew. We're glad for the NCCC program that demand is growing - it should, the value is amazing! - even though it means we're left out this summer.

Thanks for reading, and to everyone hitting Texas Roadhouse in Forsyth to raise funds for Weldon Springs! And OF COURSE thank you to Chad Woolen and his staff at Texas Roadhouse. The two events raised $320, and every dollar will go towards Weldon Springs trail work, no matter when we get there.