Pokémon Go is Making Trails Fun

Teen Katie from Blue Island bagged Weedle yesterday along the Cal-Sag Trail and sent us the screenshot (she bagged a barge too—nice!). It strikes us that Pokémon Go might be a great way to get some kids (including kids at heart) out on the trails. The game rewards players for walking and biking as they hunt the critters, and nicely places special power-up stations in parks, at public art installations, and civic institutions like public libraries.

Whether you or your favorite pre-adult are on the hunt, remember that you don't need to look at your phone constantly to play; your phone will beep or buzz when it senses a reason to stop. So keep your eyes up and aware of other trail users, hunting Pokémon or no, so everyone stays safe.

Share with us screenshots of the critters you find along Illinois trails; just tag us (use #ILtrailcritter or @trailsforillinois) and post them to Twitter or Instagram. Real critters too!