Donating to trails through Prime Day

If you shop on Amazon, you can ask Amazon to donate .5% of your purchase amount to Illinois Trails Conservancy, our corporate name (Trails for Illinois is our registered "doing business as" name) by using this link to the AmazonSmile program:

AmazonSmile - Illinois Trails Conservancy

It adds nothing to your costs but directs Amazon to use a little bit of the money you're spending to benefit our trail work. And you only have to select us once to have every purchase you make benefit Trails for Illinois, so it's good for Prime Day and the other days too.

We get a ton more support from Illinois businesses large & small than we do from Amazon; you can meet a lot of them on our sponsors page. But if you shop Amazon, this is a way you can ask them to give back to Illinois; we're grateful that Amazon gives folks the option.

We're grateful for all the ways the trail community supports us. You can find other options here.