Illinois Trail Corps 2015: Kickapoo State Recreation Area

Mid-May, 5 inches of rain in one hour fell on the Danville, Illinois area, including the Kickapoo State Recreation Area. June 7, another eight inches fell in three hours.

Even after the seven young adults of Americorps NCCC team Oak 5 arrived in early July, the rains kept falling. Kickapoo clay turned to muck. Nothing in the team's tents, their clothes, their sleeping bags dried out. But did they complain?

Ha, who wouldn't? But did they get things done? 

This is the team that, when asked what sound an Oak make when it falls in the forest, shouts back "AN OAK DOES NOT FALL." Example: How about clearing, rerouting, and rebuilding 12 miles of Kickapoo trail to better withstand the 100-year rain, and all the rains up to year 99?

See the all photos of the Illinois Trail Corps team that rocked Kickapoo's running, hiking and mountain bike trails (with mad help from Kickapoo Mountain Bike Club). 

Illinois Trail Corps is the kind of program that can make a difference.